Help with my Bridesmaid’s Dress

January 24th, 2013 by How to Look Good Team
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Hi Caryn,

I am going to be a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in the US in August and need help picking a bridesmaid dress. She has picked the colours, but I need to know what sort of style will suit my body.

I am about a size 14, pretty standard body shape, but I am a bit top heavy, having around a 38D to 38DD chest. I have a defined waist and a curvy shape.

I really like the long dresses with a band directly below the chest, but because I am a bit heavier up top, the space for my chest is never big enough!

Any help would be so appreciated I can’t begin to tell you!



two birds

Hi Nikki,

I’m really impressed with the two birds bridesmaid dress which can be worn multi-way – 15 ways to be precise! With 10 colour choices, you’ll see the perfect style that can be fitted to your body and adjusted as you need it. Have a look on the site - their multi-way dress is jersey and stretchy and one dress fits all.

But if you are looking off the peg you need a low v-neck  and a soft jersey stretchy fabric over your bust. An empire line is a great solution but conventional cuts will not have enough fabric in them, hence your difficulty in getting the fit – so is the painless option to find a dressmaker who will fit you just where you need it?

If budget is a problem two birds could be the solution!

Let me know how you get on!

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