Tall fashion advice.

At last you are getting longer lengths and better fits. Clothing for tall women like you are more accessible than ever, but great styling advice is harder to find! You share certain super model attributes but not all. And what looks good on a streamlined teen in your favourite magazines, does not immediately transfer to your body. That’s why we created our easy to read free ebooks.


We show you how to identify the features within the clothes for a measure of what will and won’t suit you, whatever the trend. It’s styling advice that will last a life time. Now when you next go shopping, you can then buy clothes to suit your unique shape.


Our unique tall fashion e-book will help you:

  • Discover which prints and patterns will work for your shape.
  • Understand how to create a foreshortening effect with colour, styles and proportions.
  • Learn how to balance your body shape by understanding your body symmetry.
  • Find out which styles to put in your shopping trolley and which ones to leave on the rail.
  • Know how to use colour and match it to your skin and hair tone.
  • Learn how to enjoy your height and show off your body to it’s best advantage.
  • Find out the easy way to effortless accessorising.
  • See how clothes have subtle visual features that will enhance your strengths and play down your weaknesses
  • Find out how to create a stunning wardrobe, whatever your budget.
  • Create a style signature that’s yours alone, and be your own wardrobe mistress!
  • See how dressing in the right style with fashion for tall women will help you get a more effective working wardrobe and image.

What Shape am I?

If you’re not sure which e-book to select, let’s identify your body shape……

Slender is when your body is slight with small breasts and hips and/or bottom.

Top-Heavy is when your bust measurement is the most dominant part of your body because you have a large and curvaceous bust and small hips and/or bottom by comparison.

Pear-Shaped is when your hips and/or bottom are the largest part of your body and your breasts are smaller by comparison.

Curvaceous is when you have an hour glass shape with large breasts and curvy hips and/or bottom.

Apple-Shaped is when you have a thick waist, perhaps you feel your tummy is full and round.

Soon you’ll be equipped to choose clothes that will flatter your shape. Once you understand how to create easy style for tall women like yourself,  you will enjoy a lifetime of confidence in your appearance. What’s not to like.