Bridal – Simple wedding dresses

For some women who want a subtle and intimate wedding day, a simple wedding dress is the ideal way to express themselves; whilst still feeling beautiful and comfortable.

Below you will see a collection of simple elegant wedding dresses that I have chosen for you. Your style might also be incompatible with a large gown and so, a pared down look – or one that is easy to pack in a suitcase – is completely your choice:

simple dress

This dress may be simple, but the clever empire line detailing and jewelled strap gives it a special focus. An empire line is always great for creating definition around the bust and a high waistline works well to make legs look longer. Petites and apple shapes especially can especially.

simple dress

If you are in touch with your inner goddess, then look no further.  This Grecian inspired gown is soft and feminine but still pared back allowing layers of fabric to drape beautifully over your body. Save all ornament and don’t overdo the accessories. It’s minimal but utterly mesmeric!

As this is a dress that shows off upper arms and shoulders, and the focus point is the cut around the upper body, don’t add an extra layer for coverage, otherwise you’ll lose the dramtic impact.  If you’re straight up and down, petite, small busted or have a tummy then the empire waist line will soften your form, lengthen posture and add a little volume.

simple dress

For those who want a modern, chic and polished look then this dress fits the bill nicely. The slim profile closely illustrates the body’s curves and the hand beaded empire waistband gives the illusion of a defined waist for standard shapes and those with a thicker waist, elongates for petites and the dipped neckline enhances the bust for those needing extra volume.

simple dress

For many years long gowns have been regarded as de rigueur for a wedding but some brides are now embracing the tea-length dresses on offer. It makes perfect sense if you have a nice pair of pins and some knock-out shoes. This dress is fun, playful, romantic with a modern edge, especially for those apple, standard and tall brides.

It’s not just about simple wedding dresses to ensure your big day is a success. It’s about the complete look, so you need to consider which hairdresser, stylist, make up and photographer will achieve this. Here are some of my tips on how to look good:

  • Lightweight dresses are easiest to transport, hang yours in the shower room as soon as you get there.

  • Take care if you are getting married in a hot country to wear a strapless top the minute you get off the plane.

  • Simple style dresses are best carried through with minimal jewellery. It takes a certain confidence to keep things very simple, but the effects are always stunning.

  • Keep bouquets simple. Use one or two types of flowers and keep the shape of the bouquet fairly compact.

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Caryn Franklin