Here’s how we like to wear the current fashion trends!

Yes we are just as interested in all the current fashion trends as you are but and it’s a big but… we dress to flatter our body type and we don’t take that much notice of the unachievable looks or outrageous styling we see in many of our favourite magazines! 

After all we have ordinary bodies, and we need clothes that perform a variety of jobs to flatter our individual shape. This site is an extension of all the work we do in the industry with ordinary women like you, where we only talk about ordinary bodies, and achievable looks. You can read more about our projects and live events here.

Each season we will build up our own looks so you can see the clothing solutions we choose…You can find more seasonal trend advice here in our high street trends page and our answers to your current fashion trends questions in Ask Caryn.

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Remember, these trends can suit all shapes and ages, it’s just about how you apply them but if you’re in your forties, fifties and sixties then see my ageless style advice on how to look and feel fantastic at any age.

So let’s have some fun…

Caryn says…

I bought this Vivienne Westwood skirt separately from the top. I was delighted to see the top later in the sale and snapped it up even though it was a size larger than I needed. We stylists can always make alterations here and there…see what I did to make it work for me.


The reason I love this design is the volume at the bust line and hips which gives me an extra curvaceous-ness and this is enhanced by the tie at the waist which nips everything in. It’s a perfect look for stage and even references this season’s peplum styles, but because Vivienne’s designs are such classics, I know I will get plenty of wear out of it over the years to come. Frankly I’m much happier buying clothes that suit me and if they happen to be trend oriented then great but not essential.

Jane says…

I love this dress which I wore recently to the National Wedding Show where I received so many compliments on it.

Being a pear shape I love to streamline my silhouette with a black base and here I am wearing a black spanx dress over my black skinnies (I opt for a higher waist as I don’t like to go too low to avoid lumps and bumps at waistline) and black pointy boots to elongate my legs.

This vintage dress is from Sassy & Boo and I chose not to wear the accompanying slip dress it came with but opted for the spanx dress instead.

The placement of the silver beaded pattern is key – vertical lines on the hip and thigh (my curvy bit) takes the eye up and down to streamline my figure. The one horizontal line – the drop waist feature – perfectly encapsulates the 1920s trend which is big news this spring/summer season. Normally I would avoid anything around my hips but this horizontal sits above my widest bit – phew!

The tailored jacket adds width and definition to my shoulders which counteracts my pear silhouette and the shorter sleeve length hits just at my waist so the eye focusses there rather than at my hip. This jacket is from another Tetbury shop I love called Fashion Dispensary.

Sharon says…

I’m getting into the spring spirit with this light and breezy skirt from Topshop. It’s a lighter colour with print detail but the long length and vertical pleat lines help to elongate my silhouette and I feel very statuesque in this skirt. What I love about it is that it is sheer so has a playful edge yet I don’t have to get my legs out as I have more curvaceous thighs and calves and try to pack the tights away when it comes to spring!

I’ve teamed with a simple navy jersey top from Warehouse and a cropped blazer from Zara. The sharp shoulder line of the jacket gives me structure there to balance out the width of the skirt at the bottom and also enhances my waist which I have accentuated with a belt. The shorter hem length of my jacket hits at my waist to further accentuate it and not mask the outline of my silhouette too much.

I’m wearing a favourite pair or earrings from Accessorize for an interesting touch of colour and also to draw focus upwards, adding more height. My messy, twirled up bun also adds to this effect.
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